A very Philly winter engagement session | Jen & Drew


I love it when I meet couples through other folks I’ve worked with. It immediately lets me know that they’re my kind of people and that we’ll get along great! That was the case with Jen and Drew, who are close friends with Danielle and Hunter. I photographed D + H getting married at the gates of city hall on a hot August day and it was one of my favorite 2020 weddings. Hunter and Drew are in residency together which is how the couples know each other, and they now all live in the same apartment building! While from Florida, and getting married in Miami in 2022, Jen and Drew wanted to have a Philadelphia photoshoot to capture their time in the city they’ve grown to love and call home. There are so many great Philly locations, but it doesn’t get more iconic than the Art Museum and City Hall, so those two locations were at the top of our list. We also went to Addison street where they could really lean into the winter aesthetic of our shoot and make all their Florida friends jealous with beautiful brick houses and Christmas lights. Jen wore a stunning emerald green dress and ultra-chic turtleneck and white coat combo. I had so much fun capturing these two kind souls and all their sweet moments on this gorgeous day in Philadelphia. Congratulations to Jen and Drew on their engagement!

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