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A Philadelphia Elopement at City Hall | Amy & Quinn

It was a beautiful January day when I met Quinn on Addison street in Philadelphia. 45 degrees felt practically tropical on this winter day. We waited (somewhat nervously) for his bride-to-be Amy to appear around the corner. I always have butterflies for the couples’ first look. It is such an emotional moment to start the day with, so it felt a bit like jumping into the deep end of the pool. I spotted Amy’s white dress from afar and had Quinn close his eyes. She looked absolutely lovely in her silk dress, elbow-length veil, and fur shawl. As they saw each other for the first time Quinn shed a single tear. I knew from that point that I  adored this couple. They were so gentle and kind with one another, and their family was just as sweet as they were. Their dog, Mac, could sense the excitement in the air and was bouncing around energetically, yet when he posed for pictures he was completely still and looked straight into the camera. He was quite the professional. We walked around the city and made stops in and around Rittenhouse park. Even though I am a Philly native and have passed through this park more than a thousand times, I decided to go the day before their wedding looking for inspiration. I was specifically focused on getting interesting compositions with the different shapes and architecture in the city. We then got in a car to city hall. After some miscommunication with the guards, and running to three separate entrances, we finally made it into the building where Amy and Quinn received their marriage license. It was quite cinematic running around the city hall building in their wedding outfits. It was a memorable day, and I’m so happy for these kind souls.

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