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You have tons of options when it comes to choosing someone to photograph your wedding. You have different price points, different styles, different personalities, different levels of experience, and all the other stuff that makes every photographer different. I could talk about my years of experience and education at a prestigious art school. I could talk about the many impressive clients I have under my belt who trust me with their campaigns. I could talk about my technical savvy and top-notch gear. Instead, I want to talk to you about my great great Uncle, who immigrated from Ukraine and opened a camera shop. This camera shop was the backbone of my family, and kept my grandmother and her siblings fed during the great depression. As time went on, they all ended up learning the trade and working behind the shop counter. My great aunt met her husband this way who was a commercial photographer himself. My other great uncle ended up developing and processing war photographs as part of his service in World War II.
Photography is a part of my family's legacy, and because of this, I have many beautiful photo albums filled with pictures of my ancestors that I still cherish today. This is not just a job for me, and I did not pick up a camera because I thought it would be easy or make me look cool. Practicing photography is a continuation of my family’s legacy, and I would be very grateful to have a part in documenting yours.

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After earning my BFA in photography from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts I moved back to my hometown of Philadelphia. Since then, I’ve been a professional photographer for the past six years fine-tuning my craft. I started my photography career with the Philadelphia 76ers and have since expanded my sports portfolio to include the Wings and the Flyers. You can see my images on social media pages, team websites, and sometimes even billboards and bus ads. What does this have to do with my wedding practice? Well, I love the moments of emotional intensity that you find in both sports and weddings. I love capturing quiet moments on a busy day, and quickly fleeting moments that flash by like lightning. All of this is to say, I love what I do, and I couldn’t imagine my life without photography.

I'm the owner and lead photographer at Hannah Snyder Photography

I’m Hannah

The fact of the matter is one day in the future, your wedding photographs will go down as a part of your family's history and will be passed down as heirlooms. Your wedding might also be one of the only times when all your family and friends are together in the same place, and you never do know when a photo might be the only tangible memory that you can hold on to of a grandparent, parent, brother, wife. After your wedding, flowers wilt, cakes get eaten, memories fade, but your photos are forever.

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